| | Photo (c) 2020 by Guido Tölke "The Bitter Taste"

Julia in "The Bitter Taste" (in post-production)

On set of "The Bitter Taste", the new Horror-Thriller by Dorcon Film - filming until fall 2019. Julia is playing the lead "Marcia", a retired Modern Pentathlete who has to run, swim, shoot, fence and ride for her life against a group of noble, blood-thirty undead women... 

Julia in "RUIDES" (in Development)

On set of RUIDES (shooting a concept trailer) in December 2017 - Dorcon Films new Scifi-Adventure. Julia plays nemesis Delga, a merciless rioter on horseback... amongst other things.

Julia as Rachel Miler on set of Skysharks in September 2017 - the new international Action-Horror-Comedy by Marc and Carsten Fehse made in Braunschweig, Germany. In the picture with scene partners martial artist Mathis Landwehr and Dirk Rabe. 

'Mission Ninetytwo 2 - Energy' with Julia as the lead was awarded "Best Foreign Feature" at the Artemis Film Festival 2017 in California. 

Melbourne Indie Filmfestival 2016

Julia was nominated BEST FEMALE LEAD for her part as Sonia Engelhardt in Mission NinetyTwo - Energy (Part II) at the Melbourne Indie Filmfestival 2016.

The Testament - Scene

Recently shot a scene with ARD's "For Heaven's Sake" Denise M'Baye: